Know Your Kale Variety

Curly Kale

Curly is the most common variety of kale and may even be found in mainstream supermarkets or on salad bars (though possibly as the garnish). Curly kale forms in large broad leaves with kinked and curly edges. Varieties of curly kale can range in color from a light green to a dark purple, though most common is a dark green leaf. Colored kale leaves are often used as ornament or garnish, though they are perfectly edible.

Nero Kale | Lacinato Kale | Tuscan Kale | Black Palm | Dinosaur

Identifiable by its oblong shape and deep green bubbly leaves.  This variety hails from Italy, and grows in tall long stalks.  Ideal Nero leaves are under 18 inches, too much longer and leaves will be bitter.

Red Winter Kale | Red Russian Kale

Red winter kale leaves resemble oak leaves with their soft sage color with red vining.  Red Winter Kale is mild and may have hints of sweet.   When cooked, the green and red color in the leaves intensify, for a bold rich red and green palette.