Raw Kale Summer Salad

I know, I had you at raw.  Many people are intimidated and don’t know how to prepare raw kale, but don’t fret, it’s easy!  If you’re going to become a kale lover, you really need to train your palate to enjoy the freshness and tang of raw kale.  Just be sure to add the lemon and salt and massage it in!

Raw kale salad with lemon, blueberries, grape tomatoes, avocados, and slivered almonds.

1 Bunch Kale (I used red Russian)

1 Lemon


Grape Tomatoes

3 Ounces Blueberries

1 Sliced Avocado

2-3 Ounces Slivered Almonds

Begin by washing and drying the kale thoroughly.  Tear the kale into small pieces, and place in a bowl.

Wash your hands really really well.  Like, even  more well than before you started cooking.

Add the juice of the entire lemon and about a teaspoon of salt to the kale to start.  Begin massaging the lemon and salt into the kale.  Continue rubbing the kale, until all surfaces of the kale are coated and shiny.  Add all remaining ingredients and serve!

You may choose to add a little olive oil or a dressing of your choice to complete this dish. I usually toss a dash of olive oil, but that’s all.  A super fresh salad that will compliment your summer dishes and summer lifestyle well!

8 Responses to “Raw Kale Summer Salad”

  • 1 Jennifer Davey Says:

    Sarah Jane, this is an absolutely beautiful picture!! You have inspired me. I must make this salad!

  • 2 Sarah Jane Says:

    You should! So so so good. And easy!

  • 3 Cut `n Clean Greens Says:

    This salad looks amazingly delicious! We plan to share it with our Facebook and Twitter followers and link back here so people can see for themselves how to make it. We invite you to follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/cutncleangreens. We seriously <3 kale!

  • 4 Sarah Jane Says:

    Thanks! Frozen, ready to go greens? Great idea! Where is your distribution area?

  • 5 Cut `n Clean Greens Says:

    Sarah Jane,
    They are not frozen, but fresh, sliced, triple-washed and bagged, either conventionally grown or we also have some organic varieties (organics in clamshell packaging). If you look on the info page on our Facebook page, you can see a whole list of our greens varieties. We are national! In Colorado, try Albertsons, City Market (Grand Junction), King Soopers (Colo Springs and Denver), Safeway and Super Target, (Denver), Wal-Mart (Colo Springs) and Whole Foods (Centennial). Are any of those near you? Shoot me a private e-mail…might have something for you!

  • 6 Kevin Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration – using the basis of this recipe for a tilapia kale salad tonight, can’t go wrong massaging salt into your food!

  • 7 Sarah Jane Says:

    Mmmm, tilapia! How was it?

  • 8 anne Says:

    THANK YOU for telling people about the lemon juice massage. it makes the HUGE difference between an edible kale salad and a chewy, laborious one. hooray! more kale secrets unveiled each day here, eh?

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