Ignite: The Recap (and a present for you!)

04 October 2010 | Events,Fort Collins,Kale Schwag

I came. I saw. I spoke. I made a crack about the host wearing my t shirt in front of a waiter named Kale.

It was awesome.

In case you missed it, here is the replay of my presentation:

Performing my first spark was awesome, more challenging than I thought (if you want to give it a shot, talk to people who have made them before, 5 minutes and 20 auto advancing slides is hard!) but in the end super rewarding and super fun.  I look forward to doing it again, we’ll see if it will be about kale or a new obsession!

Several people have asked me about my shirt.  If you are dying to get some Eat More Kale apparel of your very own, be sure to check out their site (that’s right, I didn’t make it, I bought it) here.  Oh yeah, there are more people out there as obsessed with kale as I am.  Rock.

Backsides love kale too.

Just for fun, I had my friends over at StickerGiant make up some stickers for my Ignite pals, and passed them out.  I have a few left over, and I’d love to share them with anyone who wants one.  If you’d like a sticker, leave me a comment and I’ll make sure to get you one, or a few.  Out of town?  Even better, let me know and I’ll mail you a few, in exchange for a photo of you posting that sticker somewhere awesome.

And if anyone is wondering how Battle of the Burners was, don’t worry, I’m going to fill you in….soon.  Easily the best meal of my life.  Those folks over at Beet Street throw one hell of an awesome party.

I also grabbed some gorgeous Red Winter Kale from Native Hill Farm this weekend, and I’m planning to make something great with it this week.  Look for the recipe Thursday.

6 Responses to “Ignite: The Recap (and a present for you!)”

  • 1 Rachel Says:

    This is great! I totally love it. And I really want a sticker.

  • 2 Cali @caligater Says:

    I LOVE your stickers! Rockin’ one out on my Moleskine brainstorming notebook. 🙂

    Also? You are a fantastic speaker.

  • 3 Tim Says:

    I love kale, too! I just discovered the Ignite site today and your talk caught my eye. Very fun! Thank you for sharing your passion.

    Here’s a recent facebook status of mine: “Maybe someday at the drive-thru I’ll be able to get sauted kale. Cuz man, that stuff really satisfies my grease + salt cravings.”

  • 4 Sarah Jane Says:

    Thanks Tim! Have you had kale chips? They totally satiate the salt craving and crunch for me. Thanks for the comment!

  • 5 Nona Mills Says:

    I Love the site!!!! I Love kale! Excited to make some of these delicious dishes! Great stickers too 🙂

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